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A Sustainable Future!

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Sunday morning saw the Team Challenge Racing squad conduct their first Beach Clean Up. As part of the team’s Sustainability plan they aim to conduct a clean-up at every location that they visit for a period of 24 hours or more.

The entire squad were shocked by the vast quantity of litter that they found on the foreshore. Items ranging from cotton buds to beer bottles and IPhone screens were found hidden amongst the shingle and marine life along the shore. A huge amount of single use plastics were collected, emphasising the impact humans can have on the environment.

Charlie Ellis commented “Our first Beach Clean-up has been both extremely rewarding and enlightening. It illustrated to the entire team why we enacted our policies to ban single use plastics within the program. The clean-up really brought home the devastation that is caused by human interaction with the marine environment.”

After experiencing the enormous quantities of litter first-hand the team fully understands the need to reduce the use of single use plastics throughout the sailing world. It is clear that we need to get these issues under control.

Dom James stated “It was great to see the whole team involved with the help of some members of the community. It is a great start to our sustainability campaign; we managed to collect over eight kilograms of rubbish along with a wooden pallet.”

All of the debris that was collected by the team was disposed of in a sustainable manner at Hamble Point Marina.